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A Guide to Intermodal Trucking. One of the key characteristics of human being is movement. Transportation involves basically the movement of people and good from one place to another. When moving goods or when people are travelling over long distance it may not be possible to use just one, means of transport; therefore, means of transport are interlinked to facilitate the use of more than one mode of transport. Many people using sea transport find the need of intermodal trucking. The owner of the cargo will usually outsource the services if intermodal trucking to a Harbor specialist. A harbor specialist is an agency that receives the cargo on behalf of the owners. Therefore the agent sets up a warehouse at the harbor where containers will be stored for either been loaded to the ship or being loaded to trucks or trains. The owner of the cargo is relieved of the need of being there when the cargo is being loaded or offloaded as the specialist will oversee the process. The process involves the sender or receiver informing the Harbor specialist of an outgoing or incoming cargo. The information is the description, which will be used to identify the container. Also, the message also has the destination information which the harbor specialist will use in directing the cargo movement.
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The aim of different interlinking means of transport is to eliminate the drawbacks of each means. The challenges facing different means of transportation includes.
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Some modes of transport are not accessible in some parts. Such as a water transportation vessels can only travel over water mediums such as sea and oceans. Making sea transport only applicable to locations bordering water bodies. The road and railway transport are used to link the coastal cities with the other land area. The other challenge intermodal trucking assist is reducing of traffic jams. Roads or railways are built to handle a given volume therefore if a large number of people are using it, the volume may not be sufficient. By alternating the usage of the different means of transport of cargo between origin and destination people can avoid traffic jams. Sea transport has been of great importance to world trade. Businesses can distribute their goods worldwide. Sea transport is preferred because ships have a large capacity to carry goods and they charge fair transportation fees. Land locked countries are also able to benefit from international trading through intermodal transportation. The land locked countries will usually transport well via sea to the nearest harbor then the goods will be transported to the country via other land means of transport such as road and railways. Intermodal transport involves the building of various means of transport terminals near the sea harbor creating employment and wealth for the residents of the area.