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1st Art Gallery Reviews You Can Find Online


We can all agree that artists are individuals that want to present their ideas on the table. They are different types of people when it comes to emotional, mental and physical perspective because they use creativity to introduce themselves to a broad audience.

But still, the idea of reproducing other artist’s work seems like stealing from other people. However, that is not a reality we live in because copying art will provide you an additional perspective and you can use it as a simple way to learn more about oil painting.

You can find a wide array of artists and their reproductions at 1st art gallery website. Therefore, we can easily say that most artists, even those who had their perfect and original pieces of arts, in one point of life they reproduced another artist’s to gain the skill they need to pursue individual ideas.

There are many things that an artist could learn by copying the work of others. Art reproduction, notably by famous work such as classical artists and old masters, is an excellent foundation for your future art career especially if you tend to bring oil painting in your perspective.

You have to think how does a musician learn about music. He does it not by picking an instrument and composing original ideas, but they learn new techniques and how to play by reproducing other works produced by others.

That way, they can perfect skills in recreating songs that will allow them to become a better musician and at one point of life even composers and arrangers. Someone with an extra gift during the reproduction will use its ideas to give it unique spin and later will compose for generations that will come.

You should use the same approach for the visual arts, especially if you are interested in oil painting and classical realism.


Art Reproduction Is A Part Of Education System

In most workshops and art classes, art reproductions focus on oil painting techniques. This particular approach is excellent on many levels because it is the best way to prove yourself and your talent. That way you will be able to see whether you final painting will look precisely like da Vinci, Titian, Vermeer or Rembrandt. To learn more on Rembrandt, check here.

Of course, it is a rare example that artist’s first attempt at art reproduction will capture each detail that the original artist used. However, you will learn how to make impressive painting and how to analyze the way the original artist used a brush. That way you will benefit your artistic skill and reinforce your ideas all the way.

Most oil painters enjoy looking at works from realistic artists and Renaissance. They are overwhelmed by the idea that they can create the same purpose by using techniques that original painters used. Reproduction is not just trying to make a picture look like a unique artist, or throwing colors on black canvas.

Renaissance is one of the greatest periods when it comes to art, which is why you should check this particular website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance_art

Classical artists had a methodical approach to their work by adding planned under-drawing, as well as multiple layers of underpainting. After these two initial moments, they would apply colors through various methods and add multiple layers before they finish the picture.

The simplest way to understand their approach is to carefully sketch and copy the exact methods the original artist used in the production of classical work. Once young artists and students get familiar with these techniques, they can start using them for their original works of art.


You Will Get More Familiar With Art By Reproducing Other Artists


The best way to become familiar with a history of art is to start analyzing it and studying it in detail. You cannot do it just by looking at a piece of art, but by trying to reproduce it completely. Watching an image hanging on a wall or in a book is one thing, but learning how to make a brushstroke is a whole another matter that you have to learn.

Finally, you won’t look the same work ever again because you will gain the appreciation for artists by learning their techniques. As soon as you complete the reproduction, you will share the similar experience the original artist did so he/she will become your tutor and the central part of your artistic life.



As you can see from everything that we’ve mentioned above, reproducing is not stealing but using the same techniques that will improve our painting style and make us become a significant artist of our age.

Of course, originality is something that will stand the test of time, while reproduction is something that will teach you to become an original and valuable individual in the world of arts. Therefore, we recommend you to start reproducing as soon as you enter the art class, because more you do it the faster you’ll become yourself.