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A System in Finding Stars

Those who are searching for their stars, an online show has arrived with the goal of helping people achieve their dreams, hopes and wishes. With the mission statement of enhance, enrich and empower, this show called 2B award rising stars are helping people to reach their goals.

With more than five thousand business relationships with very important roles in different industries, the 2B awards rising stars has contacts with distinguished directors, producers, talent agencies, radio stations, disc jockeys, several companies and people that form a team in this effort of helping people attain their dreams.

For those with talents that can be used in the entertainment world, know that the 2B awards rising stars has 21 categories that future stars can check out where they would fit. This program pays up to 10K every month for the winner of every category. Another aspect of the show is that they pay a good amount of money if you can refer to them someone you know who is a celebrity or an aspiring talent, who would become their guest or host in their shows in any of their category.

It is in South Florida that this 2B awards has its origin. The internet is the means of running the 2B awards with online competitions in different categories, where they provide a platform for videos to be uploaded, voted on, and then the winners will receive cash if their videos win, and a possibility of being seen by some major talent scouts.

It was announced by the 2B awards that their first winner comes from Sioux Falls, South Dakota named Katie Barnett. The video of Ms. Barnett had the most votes in the competition, and she was awarded with a cash prize of $1,000.00 from Fort Lauderdale Florida 2B awards.

According to the CEO of 2B awards, their program is to discover talents that exist in every corner of the world whether big or small in locality, and the result is what the program is meant to be.

Ms. Barnett recalls that she just entered the competition because she loves to sing, and as a 29 year old mother with dreams of becoming a teacher in music, did not imagine that she would win or even gave it a thought of the possibility to win. With the winnings of $1,000.00, the video of Ms. Barnet has now also the chance of being seen by agents, promoters and other people in the music industry associated with the website of the 2B awards.

2B awards has become the outlet and source of opportunity for ordinary people with great talents, to be seen and heard all over the world, a privilege that only those belonging to famous families in the industry or with connections had. Through this platform, it is a fair field for everybody who has the talent but without connections to rely on.

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