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Ecommerce Shipping 101

It is very important to identify the various aspects of your ecommerce business that could influence it before making it click first. One of those aspects to be considered before jumping into the shipping industry is the type of packaging used. This is because some items need to be packaged with extra care than others for an ecommerce business. A few such products would include: electronic items, glassware, cosmetics, ceramics, medical devices, and so on.

Use the right packaging products and follow some tried-and-tested techniques to see a drastic reduction in product damage or breakage caused during transit. Trust is what keeps customers in your business, and by providing quality services, you get to offer this. More to this, an item that is packaged professionally gets to really bring out your brand.

This article provides the various ways in which one could improve their packages and safety of the goods packaged thereof. To protect delicate goods from damage as a result of impactful lifting, it is good to invest in a cushion making machine in order to make cushions solely for this purpose. There are very many advantages of investing in a high quality cushion making machine, for instance it reduces the packaging time and more importantly the claims for damages.

Choosing the box type for eCommerce shipping is of prime importance. Make sure to choose a corrugated box that has not been used before. This is due to the fact that a used box would have lost its strength already. Make sure that you adhere to the recommended gross weight limit of the box.

Always remember to wrap each item safely with an air pillow. Make sure that the items don’t touch each other or the walls of the box, as this makes them more susceptible to impact. The kind of clearance required should be provided by the air cushions that have already been made.
Be very careful around the corners and movable components of each item. An air cushion with air transfer technology is recommended in such applications. Cuswhions with air transfer technology ensure that they do not pop when pressure is inserted on them.

When one is shipping hollow items, they should be stuffed inside with the cushions. This will serve as added protection to keep your fragile items from breaking or cracking under impact.

If your eCommerce shipping package contains several flat items such as glass plates, don’t forget to add a layer of inflated air cushion film between each flat item. The small layers are meant to act as shock absobers.

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