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Essential Facts about Land Clearing

Land clearing involves the removal of obstacles on the land which may include; bushes, rocks, trees or any other debris on the surface. The following tools are used to perform land clearing; chainsaws, backhoes, excavators or any other capable machinery. Land clearing activity is natural because a homeowner can carry it out for small areas or can pay a land clearing company to see the work done. Land clearing should be done a qualified person to avoid triggering soil erosion, soil diversity and deforestation, therefore, the government has tipped in quite tough laws that prevent these negative effects from occurring. It is therefore important to establish what land clearing entails to avoid landing in trouble with the government. The article herein tries to discuss what land clearing entails.

People tend to mistake land clearing for other human activities that resemble it. Land clearing does not involve the removal of trees or any other vegetation to create some space for agriculture or urbanization. The removal of idle debris like the trees remains, stumps, rocks, and stones for cultivation and urbanization is all that land clearing entails. Operation logging leaves needles, branches and log chucks which can be scrapped off through land clearing.

Tools like axes, hoes, and cutlasses are used to conduct hand clearing of these logging operations remains in a process called manual clearing. Manual land clearing is the best for small areas, and it is advantageous because it is safe and cheap and therefore easily affordable. However, for large areas, the method becomes disadvantageous because it wastes a lot of time and money. Manual land clearing is most applicable when a homeowner decides to clear the homestead and not the areas where agricultural activities take place.

Mechanical land clearing involves uses of heavy machinery like bulldozers to remove the debris over large areas. Professional land clearing companies are the ones who are enriched with this equipment for areas with rocks, large trees, tipped roots and stumps. Chemical clearing is also applicable here, where chemicals are applied for land preparation and planting. The crops are planted only when the chemicals are sprayed on the weeds aerially.

Clearing the land in the best way boosts the productivity of the land by enhancing other activities to take place. Land full of obstacles becomes hard to cultivate on or build urban development areas on it. Before doing land clearing, it is important to inquire some information from the land clearing companies to avoid committing negative environmental effects.
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