What to Expect from Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party Adventure?

Harry Potter is one of the most popular children’s books in the world that was adapted into movies. J.K. Rowlings more or less created the wizardry world two decades ago, and the name Harry Potter, as well as Platform 9 ¾, and Hogwarts have been household names ever since.

Imaginary worlds like this one create a lot of magical scenarios and fun for people who have read the books and watched these kinds of movies. If you have read the book or watched the movie, you know that not everyone loves the main character like most of his loyal fans.

There is a lot of people who would like to see the main character gets defeated by the evil villains; maybe you are one of them. Now, people will have a chance to attend a murder mystery party where they can investigate clues to find Harry Potter’s murderer.

If you do not have a single clue about these kinds of events and you are invited to one. Before attending these, Harry Potter-inspired murder mystery parties, make sure to understand the story, or at least watched a couple of movies to be able to enjoy the experience. Here are some things people can expect from this magically-filled HP murder mystery party.

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Owl invitations

Before starting the fun, there is a big chance that participants will receive an owl mail. In the books and movies, owls deliver the mails, and it will not be different when it comes to HP-inspired murder mystery parties. For people hosting the event, they need to make sure that participants receive their “owl-post” invitations. To copy the real story, envelopes need to look old and weathered. Make sure to use an ink and a quill pen font for the invitation. You can also stick to old postage stamps for extra effect.

Guests can play dress-up with their favorite HP characters from the movie

Once RSVPs have been delivered and confirmed, the excitement can start. All attendees will receive sets of rules and regulations. Either they will be able to choose their own favorite HP character, or they will have to dress up as individuals based on their rules guide. The bad news is, not every participant can be Voldemort or Professor Tom Marvolo Riddle.

The game’s guidebook will provide participants a background story of the character, they can read and memorize. It will be pretty fun for them to study the character before the party adventure starts. It will give them enough time to get into character, appreciate the event, and enjoy the night of playing a character-playing games even more.

Props and decorations

It is with decorations that hosts can go all out. Depending on the theme, they can use different props and decors to replicate scenes from the movie. Some game packages come with decors, props, and signs. These might include wigs, sorting hat, wands, broomsticks, tombstones, creepers, as well as signs that point to various places of Hogwarts.

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An excellent idea will be to hang newspaper headlines or wanted posters around the house, like in Hogsmeade. Of course, hosts need to make the white body outlines somewhere in the area where the body was found. It will add to the game’s mystery and provide the guests with the true feeling of the murder that took place there.


What is an event without delicious drinks and snacks? Like with other parties like Halloween, the host can get a lot of inventive ideas with their drinks and snacks. Use the HP books for inspiration and make some pumpkin pasties, rock cakes, snitch truffles, treacle tarts, edible wands, and world-famous butterbeer.

For additional fun, hosts can include the popular joke shop from the movie with edible lips, spiders, eyes, and teeth from Zonko’s. Other snacks hosts can include chocolate frogs, cockroach clusters, goblin eyeballs, and wretched worms. If the party pack does not include these sweets, the host can visit an all-inclusive candy shop for other options.

Different stations

The murder will not be happening in one place. Participants need to be able to move around the venue or site to investigate or look for clues. There will be different stations set up that look like popular places in the HP series at the event. Participants could get the chance to choose their own magic wand to do spells at the Olivander’s shop.

Maybe make a deposit at the famous Gringotts Wizarding Bank, or check out Florean’s Fortescue’s popular ice cream store for a deliciously refreshing dessert. Other stations may include Madame Puddifoot’s, Hog’s Head Pub, Honeydukes, Shrieking Shack, Gladrag’s Wizard Wear, and Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods.

The excellent idea is to start the murder investigation at Hogwarts express train on platform 9 ¾. No matter what station the host chooses to create, there can be various clues and props that participants can use to help them solve the murder mystery.

Depending on the size of the event, hosts will have to choose the theme accordingly. These Harry Potter murder mystery party adventure events can host up to 80 people at once. If the party is smaller, then the host can dial it down. These kinds of events can be created around particular scenes from the franchise or based on one of the seven books from J.K. Rowlings.

They can also choose thrilling themes designed for adults or more magical and creative themes that are specifically designed for children. No matter how old the participants are, these kinds of party games are always fun. With HP theme song playing, surrounded by world-famous wizardry and witchcraft landmarks and shops, people will have an excellent night finding the murderer.

The HP-themed murder mystery party is not that popular with people who have not yet watched the movies or read the books. If you have participants who have no idea about the characters or the stations, make sure to make a clear guide before starting the event. For people who watched the movies or read the books, this will be an event that will blow their minds and bring them back to their childhood.